About BeFit Marketing


About BeFit Marketing

BeFit Marketing helps companies connect to their audience through a well-crafted, impactful message.

By creating compelling content, from web copy, to press releases, blog articles, email marketing and more, BeFit Marketing helps clients carve out a space in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

Founder Alyssa Ages taps into her experience as a journalist to write engaging content, her seven years as a marketing professional to determine the unique angle for each brand, and her time as a publicist to craft powerful media pitches. 




About Alyssa Ages

As a child in Brooklyn, Alyssa would pluck rocks from parks and gravel driveways, call them crystals and sell them out of a cardboard box on her front stoop. Early on, Alyssa learned that when promoting a product, it's all about the messaging. 

Today, Alyssa brings that same spirit and passion for crafting an intriguing message to BeFit Marketing. She also brings a breadth of knowledge from all aspects of communications and brand identity, including strong writing credentials, partnership expertise, social media savvy, and public relations experience.   

A Bit More…

Alyssa has finished six marathons and an Ironman triathlon, and competed in six Strongman competitions (including Ontario Provincials) and a CrossFit competition. She has also participated in roller derby, rock climbing, skiing, yoga, and spinning. 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Complete Human Performance Hybrid Training Coach

Spartan SGX Certified Coach

CPR/AED Certified